The 3DWebWorldz Meeting Tools takes your 3D Virtual meeting to another level. We are still in beta mode with this system, so please be sure to report any bugs you find to our Help Desk or user, Evie Marie[admin].

Below is a list of some of the features available: Audio and Video Conferencing There are four options to use OpenMeetings audio/video functions, which you can select during a conference session.

  • audio + video
  • audio only
  • video only
  • picture only
  • Additional you can change video-/audio-quality, choose multiple camera resolutions (4:3, 16:9 or 3:2) and choose your input devices.

Meeting Recording and Screen sharing

  • Recorded sessions contain everything including sound recorded from all audio streams in exactly the way you've seen it in the conference.
  • Recorded sessions can be downloaded as AVI/FLV files.
  • Possibility to select a screen area for sharing.
  • Different quality steps for Screensharing.
  • Watch and organize recordings in an integrated Drag and Drop File-Explorer

Room File Explorer

  • Advanced File-Explorer in every conference room, Drag and Drop interface for managing uploaded files, including the possibility to create a document tree with folders.
  • Private and Public Drive in File-Explorer. The File-Explorer has two different views, one is the Private Drive and the other the Public Drive. The Private Drive always contains the same files. Those files are visible only to the user currently loggedin. The Public Drive is not bound to the user, but to the conference room instead. All users in the conference room have access to the Public Drive.

Moderating System During a conference, the moderator can adjust the user permission to every user individually.

  • Allow/Deny moderation
  • Allow/Deny right to draw on white board
  • Add/Remove presenter role
  • Allow/Deny screen-sharing/record screen
  • Allow/Deny Remote Control Screen
  • Allow/Deny right for exclusive audio
  • Give exclusive audio to others or self
  • Allow/Deny Video
  • Allow/Deny Audio

Multi-Whiteboard and Chat Multi-Whiteboard, you can add new whiteboard instances, each white board can have the full range of tools and documents inside.

  • Save white boards. You can save each whiteboard instance as a file. The file is located in the File-Explorer and can be drag n' drop'ed to the white board again and organized like any other document, image or folder.
  • White board with drawing, writing, Drag n' Drop, Resizing, Images (Drag n' Drop from File-Explorer), Symbol(s)/Cliparts .
  • Full-fit does rescale the document on the screen to be 100% visible on all screens no matter what kind of screen resolution different users have.
  • You can import from a wide range of document formats (PDF, DOC, ODT, PPT, et cetera...)
  • User and room management

Conference Rooms

  • Public Conference are always active and Private Conference Rooms are available.
  • Private message center
  • Send users messages and organize them in folders. You can book conference rooms by sending private message to Evie_Marie or visit our Help desk.
  • You can search users and add them to your contacts.
  • Plan your conferencing and invite attendees from OpenMeetings or External.

Polls and Votes

  • You can create a poll with yes/no or 1-10 questions, let the user vote and see the voting results.
  • Polls can be stored and results viewed as pie-chart

If you wish to rent a private conference room, experience any trouble or need help:

A2Z Help Desk


  • Calendar / Event System
  • Dual Login (Web-Worldz and Web-Worldz Tools)

Feel free to contact us about ideas for tools you would like to see added to our system.