Adding text to your region is very easy:

1.  Click the Edit Tools Button on your interface.

2.  Click Edit Assets & Objects Button.

3. Scroll down to the ADD ITEMS to this REGION section, pull down the option box and choose "text", then click the Add a Default Prim Shape button.  You will see a confirmation message that your selection has been added.

4. In the next section of the same tool panel, click Edit Prim Shapes in this Region.

5. Your newly added item will be at the bottom of the list, click Edit next to that item.

6.  Type the text you wish displayed in the My Notes option field, along with position, rotation, scale and color.  

TIP:  To use more than one line, add this code where you wish to have a line break:


TIP: For larger text, increase the scale size of "X".